Who's Vinilibre?

Nourished by a family passion for the good wines to share, I devoted my agricultural university studies to winemaking and winetasting. This course naturally led me to experience winemaking, white and red types, in order to gain personal experience. Rich of this technical training and work of the vine, I created the company Vinilibre.

At Vinilibre, we enjoy tens of thousands of wines presented in French and European wine fairs, we meet hundreds of winegrowers. From valleys to mountains, we explore the countryside to meet these craftsmen whose wines move us. We cross their hillsides, observe with them the nature of their soils. We soak up their know-how and their sense of watching, we respect the almost filial love they carry to their vines. In their cellars, we taste their wines -all our senses in awakening- smelling, tasting, looking, listening, assimilating the particularisms of the different cultural methods, winemaking technics and wine maturing.

Vinilibre, wine merchant, importer, has chosen to create bridges between these producers of excellence and the professionals.

Vinilibre, negotiating winemaker, has wisdom, madness, envy, to interpret a soil, a terroir, to magnify a vine, so that the magic of the mineral and of the plant becomes one.

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