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Authentic Wines

Vinilibre, a passion for wine. A quest for vibration, emotion, pure sensations.

Beyond certitudes and certifications, Vinilibre offers you a selection of wines created off the beaten path, carefully chosen from living terroirs, cultivated without synthetic molecules, wines respectful of tasters with little or no inputs. Those high quality wines will give you the pleasure and joy of sharing.

We work with craftsmen, passionate women and men. Either already known and recognized winegrowers, or young talents to discover, they all work with high standards, great sincerity. Fruits of their nature rhythm watching, their wines are faithful to their approach: unique, astonishing, alive, vibrant.

Inspired by all these encounters, this passion has led us to produce our own wines, with the secret hope of also being the ones making others vibrate.

We count among our clients some of the most beautiful establishments of France, whose requirement is to combine authentic wines with their fresh produce cuisine.
Cellars and wine bars just as intransigent on the quality of their offer also trust us.

Vinilibre wants you to discover these signature wines and their authors: who drinks these wines there will taste a little piece of their soul, of their humanity. qui boit de ces vins là goutera un peu de leur âme, de leur humanité.

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